Alpha Release 1.4.0!

Screenshot of release 1.4.0

Screenshot of release 1.4.0

Earth Craft alpha 1.4.0 has been released! Get it here!

+ Game is now named Earthcraft
+ Added new logo game icon
+ Added Break animation
+ Updated some tile textures
+ Added Birch trees to level generator
+ Updated Day/Night time
+ Removed Water layer
+ Small bug fixes

Don’t worry, Earthcraft will be the ‘hit‘ of this year. This is just a small update, but we’re going to turn this game into a multiplayer with 2D spherical terrains. We’re currently looking for people right now who want to step inside our team! Skill required? Java!

Alpha Release 1.3.1!

Earth Simulator Alpha 1.3.1 has been released! Get it here!

+ Updated loading bar and mob(s)
+ Removed Launcher window
+ Added rock and lava layers in level generator
+ Added Water layer in level generator
+ Updated game resources inside the .jar file

Alpha Release 1.2.1!


Peek City by Antares

Alpha Release 1.2.1 has been released! Get it here!

+ Added Block Break timer
+ Updated lighting
+ Added grass leaves
+ Removed collision of logs
+ Removed collision of wood background
+ Removed collision of flowers
+ Removed collision of streetlights
+ Added water
+ Added stone
+ Added wood background
+ Added bookcase
+ Added light poles
+ Added iron block
+ Added loading screen and title menu
+ A lot of bug fixes
+ Two mobs spawn in the level
+ Added version, x – y axis and username

Head over to the forum right now folks!


Welcome to the new website of Earth Simulator. As the game was taking shape we needed a website in a hurry to share the progress with you guys. Earth Peekarica Simulator is a 2D game developed in Java where every server has it’s own planet. Yes, an own private server just like Minecraft! I’m the only one that is currently working on the game, but x86dev will join us very soon once the game is nearing it’s alpha release.

Stay tuned and sign up at the forums.

Kindest Regards,