Mexaca into financial crisis by sanctions


The financial crash in Mexaca around 9:02 AM

PEEKARICA – The financial system of Mexaca has been collapsed into a crisis this morning.

The government of the United States of Peekarica has put up a lot of sanctions against Mexaca. Mexaca is one of the largest weapon alliance for United Scot Kingdom.

Mexaca responded with war ships near the coast of East Peekarica
Because of the financial collapse in Mexaca, the leader has responded with a military action if the sanctions will not be solved immediately. President Andrews responded that the United States and it’s allies will not tolerate aggressive war actions near the coast of other countries.

United Spetsnaz seen in South Viano

United Spetsnaz forces in South Viano

United Spetsnaz forces in South Viano

PEEKARICA – More bad news coming from neighborhood country Viano. Some photo’s has been leaked that United Spetsnaz forces from United Scot Kingdom has been seen in the Southern part of Viano.

President Andrews puts Peekarica into DEFCON 3
President Andrews has kept a special emergency broadcast on the television and radio’s about the invasion of South Viano. “This is turning into a serious threat, the balance of peace in this world is shooting out of balance“, says president Andrews. He then said that the nation will lower it’s DEFCON level to number three.

Allied Command Operations is watching the military movements very closely
Meanwhile the Allied Command Operations are focusing their attention on North, East and South Viano. The ACO organisation has said that it may take action if United Scot Kingdom invades the Western part of Viano. The leader of United Scot Kingdom has not yet responded to this action..

President Andrews: Troops movement in West Viano

United Scot Kingdom troops in North Viano during a parade

United Scot Kingdom troops in North Viano during a parade

PEEKARICA – President Andrews has warned that a troops movement is taking place in North Viano that was conquered by United Scot Kingdom back in May.

Allied Command Operations (ACO) is taking this threat more serious then ever. ‘‘United Scot Kingdom is unveiling a new war, and the hate against this empire is growing each day..’’ says ACO leader George Mussen. The ACO is planning to sent now each day fifty planes into the air, to protect the air space against the enemy.

United Scot Kingdom wants to restore it’s Empire

United Scot Kingdom parade on 12 May 2014

United Scot Kingdom parade on 12 May 2014

PEEKARICA – United Scot Kingdom is a threat to the world, says United Federation ambassador. Communist leader Dreessen wants to restore the United Scot Kingdom into a large super power and empire.


Invasion of Viano

In May, unknown blitz troops invaded North Viano. Later it was known that United Scot Kingdom invaded the Northern part of Viano. President Andrews of the United States of Peekarica has warned United Scot Kingdom to withdraw it’s troops from North Viano.

Meanwhile the British prime minister sayed that the region will become unstable if this problem continues. “I hereby ask the British people to stand up and protest against the agressive actions of United Scot Kingdom” Prime minister Whyte.

President Andrews: The Peekarican Dream is still here


President Andrews at the conference

PEEKARICA – President Antares Andrews declared that the United States of Peekarica is still healthy and young to move on.

Rebuilding the forum
The forum of Peekarica will be rebuilded with the latest updates and news of other countries. People who want to join our community are all welcome.

Peekarica wins with 2-0!

End of the match

End of the match

During the opening match of WICF (World Cup International Football), United States of Peekarica has won with 2-0.

’11 Ronaldo scores (USP)
’53 Messi scores (USP)

End result: 2-0

Multiverse can exits

Our universe in a multiverse space

Our universe in a multiverse space

PEEKARICA – What happens when you leave the Earth? You’re coming on the edge of the Sol system. What happens if you leave the Sol system? You’re at the edge of the milky way. What happens when you leave the milky way? You’re coming on the edge of the universe.

..but nobody really knows what is outside our universe. Continue reading

National anthem of USP

One of Peekarica’s cities, Viano City

PEEKARICA – The first anthem ever has been made for our country. United States of Peekarica was recognized by it’s famous red, white and green flag colors but she has now her own anthem. The original music Auld Lang Syne was simple perfect for using it as our anthem.

In the mean time we will post more news as possible.